We believe that the most important question that any person who owns a property has to ask themself when choosing a letting agent is:

Will these people deal with my property as if they were letting their own home?

We believe that we are very different to the average letting agents for several reasons. Here are a few:

1. We pride ourselves in being very professional & serious about our business & thus treat every property as if it was our own.

2. We have been local estate agents since 1988. We are not the here today gone tomorrow type of people that are just in the business whilst they decide what it is they really want to do. Property is in our blood & we take it very seriously.

3. We do not have separate lettings & property management departments.

‘Why is this important?’ we hear you ask. In our experience many of the problems that arise with tenants are due to over promising & poor communication.

Consider this scenario: John, a lettings negotiator with a larger estate agency, is under pressure from his boss to hit his target because his boss is under pressure from his boss who ultimately is under pressure from the owners of the company because they have spotted a nice villa in Spain they would really like to buy. One day John shows your property to a really awkward, highly demanding potential tenant, whose status is not perfect. He knows that this tenant is going to be a real problem all through the tenancy but as the management of the property isn’t his problem, as it is dealt with by another department, he agrees to all the tenants’ demands, convinces you that they are the best tenant you could ever wish for & moves them into YOUR property. After all he has got his target to hit & anyway he plans to leave the company next month to go travelling around the world, so who cares!

Rochford Stokes DO! We don’t want to make a quick buck at the expense of our relationship with you & the reputation of our company. If we meet a potential tenant that we wouldn’t let our own property to, we certainly will not ask you to. If we have reservations about a potential tenant then we will discuss them with you in order that YOU can make an informed decision without nasty surprises.