Pubs continue to thrive in Wandsworth

Published: 11/09/2019 By Jason Carlon

The Mayor of London’s report compiled in August, shows that the borough is one of a handful in inner London helping to drive a rise in pub numbers. London as a whole saw no change in pub numbers, the report notes, with a slight increase in inner London driven by 11 boroughs including Wandsworth, suggesting the relentless closure of pubs since 2001 noted in previous reports is slowing, and even reversing. The number of people employed in small neighbourhood pubs increased by 25 in the year up to 2018, while the number employed in large pubs remained stable. Previously the Campaign for Real Ale has said that the powers given to local authorities to protect pubs, which were pioneered by Wandsworth, have helped slow down the number of closures because they 'give out a very clear message' to potential developers.

Image from Wandsworth Councils Website

Mayors Report​​​
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