Return of The Market

Published: 02/06/2020

After years of Brexit uncertainty the property market kicked off 2020 with a bang. As we have seen before, during periods of uncertainty, a reservoir of demand builds up and once sentiment changes the gates are opened and that demand rushes back into the market.  

Then came Covid-19 which pressed a massive pause button on the market causing more uncertainty. We have watched the usual so called 'experts' making their comments; from the 'doom and gloom end of the world' naysayers, to the 'talk the market up' spin doctors. So what's REALLY happening now? Well,we listed a flat in SW11 last Wednesday. On Friday we did two viewings, on Saturday another three viewings and yesterday one interested party did a second viewing. Last night we agreed a sale on it.

Why was this possible? Because our client listened to our advice on pricing and the buyers appreciated that we had priced the property sensibly.

In our 30 plus years as agents, no matter what the so called market conditions are, we have always found that properties will sell and let if they are priced correctly.